How a site You’ve Never Heard Of, SoundCloud, Reaches 180 Million Users A Month ?

Social sound-sharing site SoundCloud announced at Le Web Paris that it now reaches 180 million users a month.

SoundCloud co-founder Alex Ljung said on stage at Le Web that users upload more than 10 hours of music every minute. That’s probably because SoundCloud serves as a great platform for independent artists to upload and share their tracks. It’s also a good resource for music lovers to discover tracks by lesser-known artists.

soundcloud new

SoundCloud only allows users to upload their own original audio and music files, though who’s to say that some people aren’t uploading copyrighted tracks.

Still, SoundCloud has a healthy $63.3 million in funding from Doughty HansonUnion Square VenturesIndex VenturesKleiner Perkins, and GGV Capital, according to CrunchBase.

Soundcloud also just totally overhauled its website with new sharing, search, and “following” features.


Apps that let you mix songs on your laptop!!

There was a time when being a DJ was cool. We’re not talking about some DJ Polly playing bhangra and Punjabi songs at some hotel onNew Year’s eve. What puts off people most about spinning tunes is they have to invest in a turntable, mixers and records. That can be costly. “It’s not hard to become a DJ,” saysPranav K of Logic and Madness Creative Labs, a sound-recording studio. “There are now multiple options on the web and app stores that allow you to be as good as the pros on your laptop or iPad. You can master sound mixing and DJing in three months on your iPad: the time you will spend learning a chord on the guitar.” Here are some options to mix tunes and channel your inner Daft Punk

Mix songs on the web
A great website to start spinning some tunes. has over 20 million songs you can mix. You can play two songs on two virtual turntables and sync the beats. In addition , the website has a virtual mixer where you can play with the BPM and the mixer. You can also loop certain sections of a song and add certain effects. The website also has a search function to search for songs to mix. Just don’t mix Crazy Frog, nobody likes that annoying thing anymore. 

Get visuals for your tunes
Ask any party goer, and they’ll tell you visuals are just as important as the sound. Thicket is a great iPad application if you’re a fan of trippy visuals. You can tap and drag on your tablet and your movements will give off corresponding visuals and sounds. The sounds are tiny loops which you can play in different ways depending on your mood. Sure you can’t play this to an entire party crowd but it will be a pretty fun party toy. 

DJ on your iPad like a pro
Apple products are musician’s best friend. iRig had come up with a device to plug in your guitar to a virtual amp and pedals on your iPhone and iPad, but they’ve also come up with a DJ app which allows you to mix songs from your collection on your iTunes.

iPad mini

iPad mini (Photo credit: patrick-allen)

They’ve also a sampler and a midi-controller app. It’s meant for those who want to take their DJing to a professional level and it does have all the features to allow you to be just as good as Tiesto. You can even “scratch” the discs when a song is playing from your iTunes collection. The DJ Rig also has a mixer you can buy just so that you can have your hands on something real too and syncs with the iPad app

Tap to create music
Native Instruments Maschine was a hit device among electronic musicians. The device had a pattern-based sequencers, sampler, multi-effect unit with very cheerful and colourful buttons . The idea was that you just need to press the buttons to create music and play around with samplers and effects. You can also programme the instrument to play various loops and samples while messing around with the faders and delays. It was logical that this tactile device be made an app for the iPad. The app has a dedicated community making loops and sections and upload their songs on Soundcloud.


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