First flexible smartphone by Samsung soon?


Flexible smartphones could indeed debut in 2013, and the first offering would come from South Korean electronics giant Samsung.

Its already know fact that a host of mobile hardware companies like Sony, Nokia, LG, and Phillips are also working on the flexible smartphones.
BBC reports that Samsung will most likely be the first electronics manufacturer to launch such a device. There is no word on whether we could be seeing flexible screen technology on the next Galaxy S or Galaxy Note smartphone, or whether Samsung will introduce a new line of Galaxy ‘Flexible’smartphones.

Samsung has already repoted stating that its flexible displays will be “foldable, rollable, wearable and more, [and] will allow for a high degree of durability through their use of a plastic substrate that is thinner, lighter and more flexible than… conventional LCD technology.”



Sony Xperia Neo L vs HTC Desire X

Both are priced at around Rs 18,500 and have similar specifications, but each has its own pros to lure consumers.

HTC and Sony are two smartphone giants that are increasing their markets in India very rapidly. The two handset makers are also on a spree of late to bring their latest handsets in India as soon as they are launched. Especially in the smartphone segment, the two are considered as among the top few players, so here we compare two smartphones, one each from HTC and Sony, which are priced almost equally and have identical specifications.

Sony Xperia Neo L vs HTC Desire X

Sony Xperia Neo L vs HTC Desire X

The two smartphones in consideration here are the Sony Xperia Neo L and the HTC Desire X-both cost around Rs 18,500 and have similar specifications.



The biggest advantage of HTC Desire X over all the qualities we’ve listed so far is its newness. The Desire X has recently been released in India and thus has freshness on its side. It also resembles the One X, which has been regarded as the best looking Android phone till date even against Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Sony Xperia Neo L vs HTC Desire X

No doubt, along with its flaws the Sony Xperia Neo L also has its pros like long battery life, good music abilities and Xbox certification, which would appeal to many users.

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