Chevrolet Spark and Sonic/Aveo to get Siri Software!!

Chevrolet has announced at the Los Angeles Auto Show that by early next year, the US versions of the Chevrolet Spark and Sonic/Aveo will incorporate the Siri software. Through the cars’ standard Chevrolet MyLink infotainment system, customers with a compatible iPhone (4S and newer) running iOS 6 can direct Siri to perform a number of tasks while they safely keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel. To further minimise distraction, Siri takes hands-free functionality even further with an Eyes Free mode that enables users to interact with their iPhone using nothing more than their voice while keeping the device’s screen from lighting up.

Owners simply connect their iPhone with the MyLink radio via Bluetooth, pair with the system, and use the steering wheel voice activation button to begin and end sessions with Siri in Eyes Free mode.

In the U.S., Spark and Sonic RS, owners can use Siri in Eyes Free mode to:

* Make voice-activated, hands-free calls to Contacts on their iPhone

* Play songs in the iTunes library, and even switch music sources automatically from AM/FM/XM radio to iPod mode

* Listen to, and compose and send an iMessage or text message to a phone number or anyone in saved Contacts

* Access Calendar and add appointments

* Minimise distraction even more by keeping the screen of the iPhone from lighting up, even when Siri answers simple questions such as game scores or the dates of national holidays

* While in Eyes Free mode, Siri will not provide answers to complex questions that require displaying a web page.

“It says a lot about our commitment small-car customers that Chevrolet has announced that Siri Eyes Free capability will be available in the Spark and Sonic well before the luxury brands,” said Cristi Landy, Chevrolet marketing director for small cars. “Safe, easy, reliable and portable connectivity is a top priority for our customers, and Siri complements MyLink’s existing capabilities to help deliver an incredible driving experience.”


Most Expected Apple Products Of 2013

Apple’s 2012 schedule has been incredibly busy; the iOS6, iPhone 5, iPad mini, new iPods, and updated Macs with specialties like retina displays and bigger sizes. And then a question arises, what’s the Apple line ups for 2013? The company had already given hints about some interesting devices, including a low cost iPhone cooking inside the Cupertino giant’s executive kitchen. Here are the speculated Apple devices which will see the light of the day in next year as compiled by Business Insider.
 Spring: Apple television?

Apple came up with the updates of just about everything at the end of 2012. This gave birth to the speculation that Apple either planned nothing for the spring or on the contrary it’s got something big to unveil.
So the next possible big release from Apple’s bag of products for the spring could be its “television”. Rumors of an Apple television have been rampant for years. So the year 2013 can be the best period to wave a green flag for the Apple TV or which may be called ‘iTV’ as Apple’s nomenclature follows.

 Spring: iPad Mini with Retina display
Apple’s iPad mini made waves in the media prior to its release and was also hit the market with the blast. But all the fanfare was fizzled and as the Apple bloggers place it “iPad mini is the real iPad, there’s only one problem which took the sheen out of device and it’s the screen”. So Apple, to rectify this problem may come up with a smarter display, the new Apple innovation “retina display”. This spring we can hope for a iPad mini which along with other things can come up with retina display.
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 Spring: iRadio
Apple has intensified talks with music labels to unveil its own advertising supported streaming radio service and it will be the competitor to Pandora Media Inc. The iRadio is supposed to start early next year, according to people with knowledge of the negotiations who want to stay anonymous.
“Radio is a natural step for Apple,” Rich Greenfield, an analyst with BTIG LLC in New York, said in an interview, reports Bloomberg. “This helps Apple dominate in cars, where people listen to an average of two hours of radio a day.”

Spring: Apple TV app store
So once the Apple TV gets big launch the next best possible offering from the Applecould be an App Store exclusive for its TV. And the company may also open up its gates for the developers to contribute the apps for its new device, in turn creating a whole new experience with the TV.
 Summer: OSX 10.9
Apple has reported to be actively testing its new version of Mac OS, called as OS X 10.9. And there were rumors that the Apple Mountain cat is about to take a big leap and include the key features from the popular iOS mobile platform. OS X 10.9 is supposed to include the Apple Maps along with Siri, the company’s virtual personal assistant that was first introduced on the iPhone 4S in late 2011.
Apple says it’s going to start updating its desktop software more frequently. Now that the person in charge of iOS is in charge of OSX, we expect the release schedules to be linked. And we expect more cross over between the two operating systems in terms of features. This new release is rumored to have Siri and Apple Maps.

 Summer: iOS 7
Apple, in each new version of iOS attempts to deliver an upgrade to add new user experiences. The iOS 6 is a good OS but for its Apple Maps and some Notification Center issues. So the next update is expected to deliver on these two discontents along with offering other new features. If one follows the pattern of Apple’s software releases , we may expect to see the iOS 6.1 this spring and later iOS 7 at
With each new version of iOS, Apple delivers an upgrade to parts of the user experience and this Notification Center mock-up shows one of the features we hope Apple includes in iOS 7.
If Apple follows their pattern for software releases, we can expect to see iOS 6.1 this Spring and the announcement of iOS 7 at The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2013, with the possibility of an iOS 7 release date tied to the iPhone 5S release, or whatever Apple calls the next iPhone.

Summer: iPhone 5S
The rumors of the iPhone 5S were sparked amazingly just weeks after iPhone 5 release. A report from the Chinese Commercial Times added fuel to the rumors stating that Apple would be manufacturing 50,000 to 100,000 test units of the “iPhone5S” in December this year.
As for the rumor goes the iPhone 5S will possibly be unveiled in the middle of 2013 as opposed to the end of next year. Apple has launched iPhone 4S in October last year and the iPhone 5 in September this year, so there was a gap of nearly a year for the launch of new iteration. But this time, as the rumor goes, Apple fans will be in for a surprise as the Cupertino giant will put in orders for the iPhone 5S starting in March or April of next year, way earlier than many assumed.
The Apple may choose the summer launch next year to boost the sales of its device in holiday season and also to take on with its rival Samsung.

Fall: The iPad 5
Apple shocked technophiles and industry experts around the world with its unexpected unveiling of the iPad 4, alongside the iPad Mini, at an event in California last month.
The company’s near 12 month cycle for the new iteration’s launches, which use to be under wraps, has become predictable. But the launch of iPad 4 was so covert that the rumor mill was completely unaware of its existence until it launched.
Nevertheless this new strategy from Apple is not stopping the rumor mill from speculating the launch of iPad 5. The rumors are already abounding about that the new sleeker, lighter and loaded iPad 5 will hit the shelves early next year.
WILD CARD: A cheap, totally different iPhone
Apple iPhones were considered to be costlier with respect to its rival android devices. So Apple may come up with the iPhone which would be cheaper and totally different from the existing iPhones to gain market especially in the developing countries like India and China. May be it will be a reality in next year.

Rs 24,990 Momentum Headphones launched by Sennheiser in India !

German audio giant Sennheiser has launched over-ear Momentum headphones as part of its Style Selection range.

In an official statement Sennhesiser described the Momentum’s minimalistic design as understated and timeless yet urban. The leather bound texture is said to be comfortable to wear and is one of the USPs of the headphones. The headbands and earpads are worked from soft, traditional leather from English tannery pittards and the accompanying headband slider is made out of premium stainless steel.

Momentum makes use of established technologies from the high-end headphone structure to ensure clear stereo sound and detail.

The Sennheiser Momentum looks sleek

Buttons set in a metal casing can control volume, select music titles, take phone calls and activate voice control. Momentum’s ear cups are circumaural that will make listening to music in urban environments a better experience.

Sennheiser is aiming for a high-end sound targeted at urban consumers rather than demanding audiophiles who are obsessed with sound quality. The sound will not be completely neutral though, as setting a benchmark in the sound department is what Sennheiser is best known for.

Predictably, Momentum has a standard 3.5mm audio jack that makes it compatible with most devices including smartphones, the iPod and iPad too. Momentum also comes along with an additional cable with integrated smart remote and microphone that will make using iOS devices a breeze with the headphones.

We at Sennheiser believe in the pursuit of perfect sound and in this quest for perfection we try to strike a balance between great sound quality and striking yet minimalistic design and comfort” said Gunjan Srivastava, Managing Director, Sennheiser Electronic India Pvt Ltd in the statement. He also added “The Momentum is a reflection of the urban personality combining great sound experience with sophisticated look and feel. We are sure that the product will strike a chord with music loving country like India.”

Sennheiser’s focus with Momentum is on creating a purist, luxurious look to turn the headphones into a high-end style statement. The minimalistic, aviator style looks are a slight deviation from the sleeker, modern looking Sennheiser headphones from the past.

The Sennheiser Momentum is priced at Rs. 24,990

Back in August, the audio company had released the high-end Sennheiser HD 700 in the Audiophile series to cater to music lovers. The over-ear headphones came with a price tag of Rs 54,990 and a two year worldwide warranty. The headphones were paired with a specially-tuned, efficient driver and the transducer was mounted in high-precision gauze made of stainless steel to ensure that the acoustic properties of the headphones were not impaired by any partial vibrations. A new patent-pending feature that was added to the headphones was the special shape of the gauze, which continued along the curved lines of the diaphragm.

The Sennheiser Momentum is priced at Rs. 24,990 and will be listed on Sennheiser’s e-store soon and will also be available at leading large format retail stores, consumer electronics store and music stores across the country. Momentum, like all Sennheiser products, will be backed by a worldwide warranty of two years too.