Facebook Photo Sync feature starts rolling out for Android, iPhone and iPad apps!!


Facebook started testing Photo Sync feature for their Android, iPhone and iPad apps back in August. Now they have started rolling out the feature to everyone. There is no app update for this feature, you just get a notification when you open the Facebook app to enable Photo Sync feature. This automatically uploads entire photos in your phone as you capture. You can also sync your entire phone photos, and you get 2GB of storage for it. The auto photo upload feature is already available on Google+ as instant upload and in Dropbox as Camera Upload.

Features of Photo Sync for Facebook

  • Sync photos to Facebook when you capture
  • All synced photos are stored in a private folder to share it later
  • Syncs photos over WiFi or Cellular, WiFi only or disable sync
  • Photos are synced at smaller size (100kb) on a cellular network
  • 2GB of Photo Sync storage

Did you try Facebook Photo Sync on your Android and iOS devices yet?



SignEasy lets you sign documents on the phone!

It isn’t uncommon to get a call when you are on a holiday that you needed to sign some important document. It happened to Sunil Patro. “In 2009, when I was vacationing in Mexico, I got an email that I had to sign and fax a few important documents. I had a tough time looking for a fax machine and a printer,” he says. 
That ordeal led him to create an app calledSignEasy that enables digital signatures on mobile devices. You can access your documentsfrom your emails, and cloud storage devices such as Box, Dropbox and Ever note and sign on them using a stylus or finger on your touch-enabled mobile device. The app also supports file formats including PDFs, JPEGs and TIFFs. The freemium app is available for both iOS and Android devices. 

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“I’ve used it ever since it came out. I use it probably once a month,” says Sudeep Mishra, MD and founder of TresVista Financial Services. Mishra feels that the app is safe and has even used it to sign contracts of $1 million. “It makes business a lot simpler,” he adds. 
SignEasy takes security seriously. It uses a two-step authentication with your email and a PIN code, and this has to be done twice. The app also keeps an audit trail of the times a document is opened and closed so that you know if a document has been tampered and edited after it has been signed. The entire process is done over secure and encrypted internet protocols. In India, the app cannot be used to sign bank documents as they insist on pen and paper. But Patro isn’t concentrating much on banks for his business. He feels there are “enough documents other than in banks” to be signed. Patro is an IIT Kharagpur graduate and has worked in Microsoft and Juniper Networks . While working for Juniper Networks in the Bay Area, Patro was inspired by the startup culture and joined a few before working on his own app in 2009. 

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Many Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and venture capitalists are huge fans of the app. Bijan Sabet, a partner at Spark Capital, said on his blog: “My latest mobile only app that I love is SignEasy. I have it on my iPhone and once installed you simply do a long tap on a document in mail or dropbox, choose SignEasy and then use your finger to sign a document. I had to sign a bunch of time sensitive docs yesterday. “



Read full story at http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/tech/personal-tech/computing/SignEasy-lets-you-sign-documents-on-the-phone/articleshow/17403446.cms

Gmail Users Can Now Attach Files Up To 10GB, Great News!!!!

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Those who use to fret about the limited size for their Gmail attachments can now have sigh of relief. Google on Tuesday announced that it will be integrating Google Drive into Gmail, hence enabling the file attachment of the size up to a massive 10 GB.

A new button in the compose window of the Gmail will now allow users to attach a file from their Google Drive account rather than attaching the files itself to the message which was a usual norm. Once the file is attached the Gmail sees that the recipient has permission to access the file in your Google Drive account or else it will prompt you to grant the permission for the same before the message is sent.

In nutshell, you are actually sharing the link of the file with the recipient in the cloud then file itself. This feature also enables the users to update the files to be shared continually and the updates will be shown to the recipient as well.

Like other cloud services, Dropbox and Box, the user can collaborate on the original shared files with the recipient directly in Google Drive, rather than passing drafts back and forth.


Each Google Drive user gets free 5GB storage space from Google, so transfers within this space will be free. If user needs larger space than this, he will have to buy the additional Google Drive space to accommodate the bigger size files. Currently 25GB of the additional Google Drive space cost $2.49 per month and 100GB of additional space can cost $4.99 per month.