Battlefield 3: Aftermath available for PlayStation 3

DICE has released the latest DLC for Battlefield 3, titled Aftermath. To commemorate the event, the company has released a launch trailer for the DLC that shows some of the fast-paced gameplay in the maps from Aftermath.

The trailer shows nothing new, except for some interesting possibilities in the new maps. One of these possibilities is the ability to fly through half-destroyed buildings if the pilot is good enough. Some gameplay with the new crossbow is also shown. The DLC is now available to Battlefield 3: Premium subscribers on the PlayStation 3. It will be released in December for PC and Xbox 360 players.

Recently, information about the Aftermath DLC was revealed through an interview of DICE’s Niklas Fegraeus. The new maps that will be in the DLC are Markaz Monolith, Epicentre, Talah Market and Azadi Palace.

Markaz Monolith was a financial district before the earthquake that caused the titular aftermath happen. The map is set to have a tower in the middle, where the insides have collapsed. Epicentre is another part of the city, which was a big traffic centre. The area has seen heavy destruction because it was very close to the epicentre of the earthquake. The Talah Market is on the outskirts of the city and has a lot of old architecture. The map has an old village setting that gives contrast to some modern buildings. The Azadi Palace is a large urban landscape and has a parliament building. This gives two different battles going on – one inside the building and one outside.

Aftermath is now available on the PlayStation 3

Aftermath is now available on the PlayStation 3
Earlier this month, DICE had released a trailer that showcased the new weapon that will be in the Aftermath DLC – the crossbow. The crossbow is described by DICE as a weapon made with salvage parts – the weapon of a survivor. The weapon is shown to be incredibly versatile, with uses ranging from regular killing to taking out vehicles like helicopters with well-aimed shots and explosive bolts. Most of the versatility of the weapon comes from the fact that it can have any scope attached to it, as well as the different kinds of bolts you get to use for it.

The different bolts for the weapon include the regular bolt, which is good for close to medium range, a bolt that sweeps a small area and spots enemies for you, as well as an explosive bolt that can take out enemy infantry and vehicles with a bang.

DICE had also revealed details about a new game mode that will be making its way into the Aftermath DLC. DICE producer Craig Mcleod gave an introduction to Aftermath’s new mode.“Scavenger really is born out of the Aftermath theme. We wanted the players to feel like, ‘I’ve just been trapped in this earthquake and I’m not going to have all of my equipment, I’m not going to have everything I used to have.’ So you are literally rising up with a pistol, a grenade and a specialisation.”

Mcleod stresses on the importance of exploration of the map and finding new equipment to help you survive. Weapons are going to be tiered in this DLC, with the lowest tier being occupied by sub-machine guns. These will be easy to find near safehouses. “But as you go up through the levels to level three, then you’re really going to have to risk your life to get them.”