iPad mini, 4th gen iPad India prices revealed before it’s Friday launch!!




Apple‘s iPad mini and the fourth generation iPad are set to go on sale in India this Friday and the prices are all but official courtesy various online retailers.

The iPad mini (Review | Pictures)  is expected to be available at Rs. 21,900 for the 16GB Wi-Fi only with a Rs. 6,000 premium to the next model in terms of storage and Rs. 8,000 for the model with cellular connectivity. The full pricing for Wi-Fi only iPad mini models is as follows: Rs. 21,900 (16GB), Rs. 27,900 (32GB) and Rs. 33,900 (64GB). The full pricing for iPad mini with cellular connectivity, which uses a nano SIM, is as follows: 29,900 (16GB), Rs. 35,900 (32GB) and Rs. 41,900 (64GB).

The fourth generation iPad is expected to be available at Rs. 31,900 for the 16GB Wi-Fi only with a Rs. 6,000 premium to the next model in terms of storage and Rs. 8,000 for the model with cellular connectivity. The full pricing for Wi-Fi only fourth generation iPad models is as follows: Rs. 31,900 (16GB), Rs. 37,900 (32GB) and Rs. 43,900 (64GB). The full pricing for fourth generation iPad with cellular connectivity, which uses a micro SIM, is as follows: 39,900 (16GB), Rs. 45,900 (32GB) and Rs. 51,900 (64GB).Apple introduced the iPad mini and the fourth generation iPad at a special event in San Jose, California on October 23rd (Pictures). The iPad mini features a 7.9-inch 1024×768  display, FaceTime HD and iSight cameras, ultrafast wireless performance and 10 hours of battery life. The new fourth generation iPad features a 9.7-inch Retina display, new Apple-designed A6X chip, FaceTime HD camera and ultrafast wireless performance with same 10 hours of battery life.
The iPad mini and fourth generation iPad are available in black and white colour options.
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Take a look at The Latest Photo Of Ashton Kutcher As Steve Jobs !!

The new Steve Jobs biopic called “jOBS” that stars Ashton Kutcher will premiere next month at the Sundance Film Festival.

As part of the announcement, Sundance released this photo of Kutcher as Jobs from the movie. Pretty spot on, no?

ashton kutcher as steve jobs

Source: Sundance

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Apple iTunes Debuts In India, Songs From Rs. 7!!

Apple has finally opened the gates of iTunes Store to India. Apple customers in the India can now download, stream or store legal music and video content available in the digital store.

Songs can be bought individually for price ranging from 7 to 15 or can buy as a complete album, starting from 70. The store also offers ability to buy or rent the movies which comes in High Definition and standard version. HD versions of some latest bollywood flicks are available for purchase from 450, while renting the same will cost around 120. The iTunes Store will offer over 20 million songs including international tracks.

Apple has also included Indonesia into the list of iTunes Stores. Even though the company has launched its digital store in many parts of Asia in June, India and Indonesia were left out till now. The company will also offer ‘iTunes Match’ which allows users to store music purchased from sources other than iTunes in Apple’s icloud.

The Cupertino tech giant, which recently started more focusing towards India with its products and services, will face competition in the latest segment from Nokia’s Music Store and Flyte, the digital store from Flipkart.

According to a 2012 report on Media and Entertainment Industry, the Indian music industry achieved a 19% year-on-year decline in sales of physical music which was compensated by a significant jump of 24% year-on-year in digital music consumed last year. The country also has high levels of content piracy.

Norton Mobile Security released for iPhone and iPad!!


Symantec has released Norton Mobile Security for iPhone and iPad. It lets users keep their device secure, recover a lost or stolen device and prevent strangers from accessing their information. Unlike the Norton Mobile Security for Android, you can’t lock the device remotely or Block calls or SMS yet.

Features of Norton Mobile Security for iPhone and iPad

  • Backup contacts online and restore it across devices (iPhone, iPad or Android)
  • Control the security of the devices from one convenient Web interface
  • Scream Alarm sets off an audible alarm to find the missing device
  • Remote Locate lets you pinpoint a lost or stolen device on a map so users can find it fast

The Norton Mobile Security is priced at Rs. 599 for 1 year protection and is available for purchase from Norton online store. After purchasing the license, you can download the Norton Mobile Security on your iPhone or iPad and login with those credentials to use the app.

8 Biggest Lies Ever Told By Major Advertisers !!

You would have often wondered about all that glossy, snazzy and tempting ads’ credibility on what they carry about products they are trying to convince us for a buy. And then there are some others who felt much cheated about the products not delivering on what they were actually depicted in ads and went forth to sue the manufacturing company. Read on to know 8 such companies who got sued for lying in their advertisements.

#8 Classmates.com: Will find your classmates

Before Facebook, people got frenzy about signing up on Classmates.com to catch up with their old high school friends and flames.

The site eventually introduced a “Gold” membership, which allowed members to email their old friends. Anthony Michaels was lured into this offer after the site sent him an email saying that an old friend was trying to contact him, but it turned out to be a marketing ploy.  So Michaels filed a class action lawsuit for false advertising against Classmates.com and he got $9.8 million in 2010.

#7 Lawyer hate his new Microsoft Surface and said the company cheated

A California lawyer is so upset with hisSurface tablet, that he’s suing Microsoft for alleged false advertising, reports Business Insider.

Andrew Sokolowski, when he began to load his tablet with music and Word documents, claimed that the advertised 32 gigabytes of storage actually was 16 GB of free space. So he knocked on Los Angeles Superior Court for justice.

However Microsoft warns of this issue on its website, stating, “The 32 GB version has approximately 16 GB free hard disk space, as some of the disk space been used by built-in apps and by the Windows features that can help you protect and recover the stuff you store on your Surface.”

# 6 Apple sued over Siri ‘false advertising’

A New York guy got miffed by Siri’s voice assistant being useless contrary to the ads which presented it as the answer to all ills, so he sued Apple, reports TGDAILY.

Frank Fazio said he bought his iPhone 4S, tempted by advertisements that showed Siri doing everything from finding restaurants to teaching guitar chords.

“To the detriment of Plaintiff and the putative class, defendants’ marketing campaign has succeeded,” read the law suit. “Plaintiff would not have paid the price he paid for the iPhone 4S, if he had not seen these representations,” it added.

Fazio said that he was deeply disappointed when he asked Siri for directions; it either failed to understand or, after a long delay, gave the wrong answer.

“Defendant’s advertisements regarding the Siri feature are fundamentally and designedly false and misleading,” he claims.

According to the lawsuit, Apple never made it clear that the scenes depicted in its ads were ‘fiction’. And so Fazio wanted ‘compensatory damages, statutory damages, restitution, and all other forms of monetary and non-monetary relief recoverable under California law’.

#5 Electric shocks

Dr. Clark’s Zapper, is a frequency generator which was alleged to kill pathogen by Zapping at the actual resonant frequency of each and every Parasite, Virus and Bacteria.  The company made a series of ridiculous claims that its supposed parasite-killing zapper could also cure cancer and AIDS.

Hulda Clark‘s book states “The Cure for all Cancers,” states: “All cancers are alike. They are all caused by a parasite. A single parasite! It is the human intestinal fluke. And if you kill this parasite, the cancer stops immediately.”

The Swiss-based company agreed to pay U.S. citizens refunds in 2004, and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) termed the device “fraudulent”.

#4 Hyundai

The car making biggie got sued for lying about Elantra’s fuel economy “The 40 mile per gallon Elantra” as stated in its ads. The suit claimed that it deceived customers in regard to gas mileage claims.

#3 L’Oreal’s face cream

The U.K.’s Advertising Standards Authority banned this ad for being “misleadingly exaggerated” due to excessive photoshopping and also for the caption “Will make you look as good as Photoshop can”

#2 Wearing sneakers makes you skinny

Skechers, the manufacturer of the sneakers used celebrity Kim Kardashian, for its Shape-up sneakers, claiming that you only had to tie your shoes to lose weight.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) disagreed, and the shoe company ended up paying a whopping $40 million in settlement.

#1 Listerine

Listerine claimed to be a medicine to cure-all since 1921. Common colds, sore throats, dandruff, and also acting as an after-shave tonic, an antiseptic for bruises, and many more were in its cure all its.

In 1975, the Federal Trade Commission ruled that the ads were misleading and slapped the company with a $10 million fine, stating: “contrary to prior advertising, Listerine will not help prevent colds or sore throats or lessen their severity.”

Sacramento Superior Court alleged that the automaker’s ad for its Elantra model was disingenuous because it included the phrase filed by Consumer Watchdog, and lawsuit also accuses Hyundai of attempting to manipulate customers through its ads.

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iTunes 11 rolled out Finally !!

After some delays along the way, Apple has released the latest version of its popular music software, iTunes. The updated version, iTunes 11, was scheduled for roll out last month, but Apple had delayed the release to “get a little extra time to get it right”.

The biggest change in iTunes 11 is the redesigned interface. The focus now shifts from Cover Flow to an album cover centric layout, where the song list and details flow out when you select the individual album. The sidebar has been done away with. The new iTunes is also tightly knit with iCloud allowing you to stream the purchased music on all iOS devices. The mini-player mode now offers more details about the contents of the library.

Along with the new iTunes update, the storefronts have been given a redesign as well, the idea being they should look similar across all devices. The store also gets the history feature. All albums and songs that you browse on the iTunes store will be available here with a single click. No more buying a Justin Beiber album secretly!

Apple had faced a lot of criticism that iTunes had become “cumbersome” and “bloated” over time. Apple seems to have taken that as feedback while developing iTunes 11, and the statement that the new version is “easier and smarter” than the predecessor goes a long way, possibly, in calming down the critics.

iTunes 11 update has been a long time coming. The last major update, iTunes 10 was released back in September 2010, and Ping was the most touted feature back then. There have been incremental updates along the way, but nothing major. In September 2012, Apple announced that there are over 400 million iTunes accounts registered, and set up with the 1-Click purchase option, with a linked credit card. The iTunes store currently sells from a range of 26 million songs.

You can download iTunes 11 for Mac and PC directly from Apple’s website, or via the Apple Software Update utility if you already have iTunes installed. Some of you may not see the new update just yet. Do keep trying, because updates will be rolled out gradually, depending on server capabilities and downloading queues.

Samsung Galaxy Note II – Ready to Create History with 5 Million Sales Volume in Two Months!!

Crossing sales of nearly two million units in merely a time of three and a half weeks, Samsung is all set ready to create wonders in smartphone market by selling more than 5 million units of its highly appreciated phablet, Samsung Galaxy Note II. This smartphone is available for Rs. 35,999, which is a little bit higher priced than the third generation iPad from Apple. Within the first 5 weeks of its launch in the market, the company announced that Samsung Galaxy Note II had topped sale of 3 million units and now Samsung has come up with another piece of news that this amazing phablet has passed over a huge sale of another 2 million units in a time span of nearly 3 weeks.

Samsung Galaxy Note II was unveiled first at IFA on 29th August, 2012, and was launched in India on 27th September, 2012, with a price of Rs. 39,990 that was brought down later due to the intense competition in the smartphone market. Samsung Galaxy Note II is a smartphone tablet that is bestowed with a 5.5 inch Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen that is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 2. It has the most amazing S-Pen Stylus functionality that makes the experience with this droid unforgettable. Powered by a quad core Cortex A9 1.6GHz processor, Galaxy Note II runs on Android version 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system and has TouchWiz user interface on top of it.

The noteworthy 8 megapixels auto focus primary camera supports LED flash and there is a secondary 1.9 megapixels secondary camera also for video calls. The external memory can be extended up to 64GB and the internal storage capacity is up to 64GB, depending upon the variant you purchase. The powerful lithium ion 3,100 mAh battery delivers a long battery backup time.

Recently, Apple has also launched its Apple iPad Mini and the fourth generation Apple iPad 4 with Retina display in the Indian market. There is going to be an extensive hard core competition between the two rivals, where currently Samsung is heading the competition with Samsung Galaxy Note II in its hands.