You, Your Desires and Rebirth !!

You, Your Desires and Rebirth

You are what you desire. You take birth because you desire an experience. Depending on your desires, you take up a body; not the body you see in the mirror but what extends beyond to include the five sheaths – annamaya or physical body, pranamaya or life-force, manomaya, vigyanmaya and anandmaya. An ordinary being desires only the physical and exists at the level of the annamaya which in turn is controlled by the prana. The soul stays in the body till there is prana in it. What we call as death, is when there is no prana left in the body and the soul leaves the body.

There are many who have survived near-death experiences …  healers could revive them because there was some prana left in the body and the soul took shelter in that prana. Healers then replenished the pranic body and restored the person back to health. But once the soul leaves the body, it cannot be brought back.

The soul might leave the body, but is still tied to its desires and karmas. Alexander the Great had asked his General to leave his empty hands hanging out of the coffin upon his death to show that you enter and exit empty-handed. But Vedic sages knew that you take with you your desires and karmas and they decide your next birth and body. So if all your life you have desired being looked after, in your next birth you could be a Queen but you could also be a Chihuahua!

The thought of what lies ahead troubles all. There is nothing called a solution or ‘upaya’. A problem is just a manifestation of your negative karmas – you may look at it as the fruit of your wrongdoings or a divine chance to improve your karmic balance or you may continue fooling yourself by looking for solutions. The science of mantras and healing can temporarily stop your karmas from playing out, but they cannot dissolve your karma for you will have to bear the effect of your karmas, sooner or later.

If you have strong desire for being looked after and leading a life of luxury, and have the backing of strong karmas, you might be born to a privileged family in your next birth. If, however, despite the strong desire your karmas do not allow this, you will still be given what you want, but at a lower level of existence – maybe as an exotic pet. Your desires determine what you get but your karmas decide how you get it.

There is no end to desires. King Yayati, even after enjoying youth for a thousand years, was left wanting for more. However, resources are limited, wants are unlimited. So whenever you take more than you need, you are doing it by depriving someone else and hence, adding to your negative karmas. So if you have been born to a good family and still you are busy collecting for yourself, be rest assured your next birth will be a much lower form with similar desires, but with less means to attain them. And it will become a vicious circle of births and deaths, your desires and problems remaining unchanged and your state deteriorating constantly.

You may continue going downwards or change your desires, to elevate to a higher state. So learn to transcend your desires.

Knowledge Source: Yogi Ashwini


Gets CNG Option with, Volkswagen Eco Up! Provides 34.5kmpl !!

Volkswagen launched a modified version of its small hatchback, Up! Dubbing it the Eco Up! In Europe yesterday. The modifications carried out on the Up! include the addition of two CNG tanks with a total capacity of 72-litres, long with a 10-litre reserve petrol tank for backup. The car is powered by a 1.0-litre, 3-cylinder engine and according to VW, it will provide an astonishing mileage of 34.5kmpl.

Now, while there is no mention of the new Eco Up! coming to India, Volkswagen may want to consider that option. India may not be as technologically advanced in terms of the electric or hybrid car technology, but CNG based cars are potential sales chart toppers for a market such as ours.

The Eco Up! Engine, despite its coversion to CNG, can generate a healthy 67bhp along with a peak torque of 90Nm. The car is priced at Rs. 9.09 lakh in Germany.

YouTube gets sleek new design with cross-site Guide feature to promote subscriptions and channels!!

YouTube has released new features designed to help make it easier for viewers to subscribe and watch channels on its site. Part of this effort is the expansion of its Guide feature, which now reaches across multiple devices. Additionally, the service is rolling out a new look to the site that it says is cleaner and simpler.

With channel subscriptions, YouTube has been focused on helping users to discover new videos. Although rolled out five years ago, it was last year when the company made it easier for people to subscribe by adding the Guide on the homepage.

As you may have seen, when you add subscriptions to your Guide, it shows you videos related to what you’ve seen before. Now, the Guide follows you across all of your devices, including Android, iPhone, iPad, Playstation 3, Google TV, and more — never again will you need to remember what channel had your favorite video.

guide 1 YouTube gets sleek new design with cross site Guide feature to promote subscriptions and channels

There are over 4 billion hours of video watched on YouTube alone each month. Within the last year, the number of users subscribing to channels has doubled, and the company is estimating that an additional 30% rise is to be expected. In other words, managing subscriptions is definitely important.

With over 800 million people visiting the site each month, discovering videos isn’t enough — YouTube is also rolling out a new layout where its “crucial elements” are up front and center: the video is at the top of the page with the subscribe button, social actions, and video info are below it. This places the emphasis on the video content, and nothing else. Your playlists are also available on the right-hand side so you can navigate through other videos as well.

newlook 1 YouTube gets sleek new design with cross site Guide feature to promote subscriptions and channels

It appears that YouTube had been making some design changes to the service for a while now. As TechCrunch reported, a YouTube spokesperson stated that “with more videos coming to YouTube every minute, we’re always experimenting with ways to help people more easily find, watch and share the videos that matter most to them. As always, we’ll consider rolling changes out more broadly based on feedback on these experiments.”

For those participating in the YouTube Creators program, a resource to help users create better content by taking advantage of the service’s tools, there are at least three things to note about what the new design means: the Guide is everywhere and will promote channel activity to fans, the video now becomes center stage on the viewing page, and lastly, it’s now easier for fans to subscribe along with what it calls “enhanced channel recommendations”.

Photo credit: ERIC PIERMONT/AFP/Getty Images

Work-from-home employees toil harder than their office peers!!

Employees who work from home slog away for at least seven hours a week longer than those in office, according to a new study.

Researchers at the University of Texas in Austin found that contrary to popular opinion, home workers toil harder than their colleagues who commute.

The study found that employees who work from home add five to seven hours to the standard 40-hour week compared with those who work exclusively at the office, the Daily Express reported.

Employees admitted to using technology such as email to perform office work even when sick or on vacation.The study found that so-called teleworking blurs the boundary between work and home.

Rising petrol prices and increasing demand for a more equal work-life balance had prompted many white-collar staff to work from home.The study, published in Monthly Labour Review, concluded that teleworking is not helpful in reducing work-family conflicts.

The researchers also found that parents with dependent children are no more likely to work from home than the population as a whole.

Galaxy Music Duos gets listed at Price Rs. 9,199 on Samsung online store!!

Samsung Galaxy Music Duos finally listed on Company’s online store Rs. 9,199.

Samsung announced the Galaxy Music and Galaxy Music Duos smartphones back in October. They come with a 3.0-inch QVGA display, a 3-megapixel rear camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a 1300mAh battery. The smartphones target music lovers with a dedicated music key, music player with SoundAlive, 3.5mm ear jack, stereo FM radio with RDS, built-in FM antenna and frontal stereo loudspeaker with SRS surround audio effect.


In case it isn’t clear from the names, the Galaxy Music Duos is a dual-SIM variant of the Galaxy Music. Other specifications of the phones include 512MB RAM, 4GB internal storage (expandable by another 32GB) and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

While the dual-SIM Galaxy Music Duos (GT-S6012) is now listed on the Samsung online store, strangely, as of filing this report, the single-SIM Samsung Galaxy Music is not listed yet. The Galaxy Music Duos is listed as “Not In Stock” for both Blue and White options, so while customers get an idea about the price, Samsung isn’t taking orders for the smartphone yet.
Samsung Galaxy Music / Galaxy Music Duos key specifications

  • 3.0-inch QVGA(240×320) display
  • 4GB User memory + 512MB(RAM), microSD (up to 32 GB)
  • Dual-SIM GSM+GSM (Galaxy Music Duos only)
  • 3-megapixel fixed-focus rear camera w/ no flash
  • Music player with SoundAlive
  • 3.5mm ear jack, stereo FM radio with RDS
  • Built-in FM Antenna
  • Frontal stereo loudspeaker w/ SRS surround audio effect
  • GPS/ Glonass
  • Bluetooth 3.0, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct
  • 110.1 x 59.0 x 12.25mm, 106.9g
  • Li-ion 1,300mAh battery

Facebook unveils the top rated games of 2012: SongPop leads, six Zynga games in top 25!!

Facebook revealed which are the top 25 best-rated games of 2012, meaning the games that received the highest star ratings from players, as well as engagement levels, over the course of this year.

Not that the year is over already or anything, but you know.Notably, the list was compiled employing the same methodology used to rank apps in Facebook’s App Center, which means it is based on both star ratings by users, positive and negative user signals and engagement levels between the date range (January-November 2012).

The list below takes into account games that launched in 2012 on, as well as mobile games integrated with Facebook. It only includes games with at least 100,000 monthly active Facebook users.Facebook says this year’s list makes for the “most diverse and global year” for social games to date, thanks to the emergence of entirely new categories of games, immersive gameplays and games that were developed by companies around the globe – big and small.

Without further ado, below are the top 25 best-rated social games of 2012 according to Facebook users (whether on the Web or games built on top of Facebook for iOS and Android). We’ve added some thoughts and findings below the list.

  1. SongPop (by FreshPlanet, available on, iOS and Android)
  2. Dragon City (by Social Point, available on
  3. Bike Race (by Top Free games, available on iOS)
  4. Subway Surfers (by Kiloo, available on iOS and Android)
  5. Angry Birds Friends (by Rovio, available on
  6. FarmVille 2 (by Zynga, available on
  7. Scramble with Friends (by Zynga, available on iOS)
  8. Clash of Clans (by Supercell, available on iOS)
  9. Marvel: Avengers Alliance (by Playdom, available on
  10. Draw Something (by Zynga, available on iOS and Android)
  11. Hay Day (by Supercell, available on iOS)
  12. Baseball Heroes (by Syntasia, available on
  13. ChefVille (by Zynga, available on
  14. CSR Racing (by NaturalMotion Games, available on iOS)
  15. Candy Crush Saga (by, available on and iOS)
  16. Matching With Friends (by Zynga, available on
  17. Legend Online (by OASIS GAMES, available on
  18. Jurassic Park Builder (by Ludia, available on
  19. Dungeon Rampage (by Rebel Entertainment, available on
  20. Pockie Ninja II Social (by NGames Limited, available on
  21. Jetpack Joyride (by Halfbrick, available on
  22. Social Empires (by Social Point, available on and iOS)
  23. Bil ve Fethet (by Peak Games, available on
  24. Ruby Blast Adventures (by Zynga, available on and iOS)
  25. Pyramid Solitaire Saga (by, available on

Be that as it may, music trivia game SongPop from NYC-basedFreshPlanet was apparently the crowd favorite this year, with social mobile games Dragon City (Social Point) and Bike Race (Top Free Games) coming in at second and third place, respectively.

The amazing thing is FreshPlanet is quite young and nimble, and has only created four games so far. Definitely one to watch.What you’ll notice is that the top 5 best-rated games of this year weren’t made or published by any of the 25 top developers according to theAppData leaderboard (based on monthly active users), except for Barcelona, Spain-based Social Point.Aside from Zynga, only three game developers, namely Social Point, and Supercell, have more than one game on the best-rated social games list.Zynga, the top developer across the board in terms of monthly active players (still according to AppData) only comes in at #6 with FarmVille 2.

We should note, however, that Zynga has an impressive six of the top rated games on Facebook this year, and it is also the only one with more than two games in the list altogether.

Taking a step back to look at things from a distance, Facebook notes that it was “the most international year for social games”.

The majority of top rates games came from outside the United States, ranging from France, Spain and the United Kingdom to Brazil, South Korea, Australia, and Turkey, the social networking giant says.According to Facebook, 56 percent of the games are available on, while the remaining 44 percent are social mobile games (available on iPhone, iPad and Android).


Study Says: Kids increasingly influencing parents’ buying decisions !

Parents are asking their kids for opinions before buying things, according to a new study.

Almost 40 per cent of the parents would consider their kids’ opinion but at least 20 per cent of parents would definitely consider their children‘s opinion, a study by Cartoon Network (CN) channel said here today.

“Kids continue to influence household decisions of purchase when it comes to white goods, with an average of 22 per cent parents definitely considering their kids’ opinions and an average of 44 per cent parents who may consider them,” it said.

Almost 23 per cent of parents who participated in the survey said they would definitely consider their kid’s opinion while purchasing a bike, while 44 per cent said they may consider it.

For whitegoods like refrigerators, nearly 46 per cent of parents said they may consider their kids’ opinion, while 21 per cent said they would definitely consider their kid’s choice before buying the product.

In case of microwaves, 40 per cent of the parents said they might consider their child’s opinion and 20 per cent said they would buy the product using the kid’s opinion.

The survey had a sample size of 3,700 parents with children from the age group of 4-14 years and 7,000 kids across 26 cities.

In terms of pocket money, the report found that 56 per cent of kids receive an average pocket money of Rs 275 but only 37 per cent of the kids save it. Further, 53 per cent kids received gift money with the average annual gift money being Rs 799.

The report also found that Nagpur is the city, in which kids receive the least pocket money (Rs 100), while in the North it is Rs 700.

When it comes to savings, only 37 per cent kids who receive pocket money said they save a part of the amount.

Piggy banks was the most preferred way of savings, followed by keeping the amount with parents.