Airtel introduces emergency alert service!!

Bharti Airtel has introduced an 24 X 7 emergency alert service for its customers. The service enables Airtel customers to send an alert with their geographic location to their 10 contacts in an emergency situation.

“During an emergency, Airtel mobile customers can now send an alert with their geographic location to their closest 10 loved ones simultaneously with just a call, facilitating an access to easy and quick help,”Airtel says in a statement.


bharti-airtel-ltd-300×224 (Photo credit: bhautikjoshi)

Airtel’s Emergency Alert Service is available for Rs. 30 with a validity of 30 days. Users can send the alert even if they don’t have minimum balance in their account. To send the alert via SMS, users need to type HELP in the message box and send it to 55100, which will be then sent to all 10 contacts. To send the alert via call, users need to call at 55100 and the registered contacts will get the voice alerts with location details of the customer.

Airtel hopes its new emergency alert service will see adoption by customers from all segments including, working women, senior citizens, teenagers and migrant workers. Airtel says the service could be really helpful in staying connected with their friends and families in case of natural calamities or disasters such as fire and accidents. According to Airtel, the service will ensure a user can seek help round the clock. You can learn more about the Airtel’s emergency alert service here.

If you are a smartphone user, you have various alternatives for Airtel’s emergency alert service. Last year, non-profit organisation Whypoll launched a ‘Fight Back’ app for women. The app allows users to send SOS message via SMS, e-mail and Facebook at the press of a single key. There is also an Eyewatch app, which sends multiple messages, images, videos, sound bites and other details such as location status with the press of a button.

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