WhatsApp hit by ‘Error: Status Unavailable’ bug

It seems that the issue has now been resolved but if you still not able to view the statuses, either refresh your status on WhatsApp or try rebooting your handset.

If you have been using the popular multi-platform real time messaging app WhatsApp, we know how much you might have been frustrated by the downtimes that the app has faced in the past couple of months.


And today, there is another error that Whatsapp users are facing. The status of WhatsApp users has disappeared and they are greeted with a ‘Error: Status Unavailable’ message.
While only a limited number of users might actually look at the status of their friends and family (at least I don’t) this kinds of minor error could be irritating. The team at WhatsApp is aware of the issue and is already working on resolving it.

One thought on “WhatsApp hit by ‘Error: Status Unavailable’ bug

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