Survey Says: Professionals prefer short, frequent holidays!

Australia Perth

Australia Perth (Photo credit: Kenny Teo (zoompict))

With mounting work pressure, Indian professionals, now a days, are preferring short and frequent holidays rather than long vacations, says a survey.Interestingly, many respondents opined that even short breaks many times turns out to be more stressful due to work pressure, according to a survey by holiday service provider Expedia.

As per the survey, more than one out of five Indians prefer small weekend trips over long vacations as their work pressure allows only short trips.In comparison, 17 per cent of those polled from developed countries such as US, UK, France and Italy liked short getaways.Globally, majority of travellers (45 per cent) prefers one long vacation and several short holidays.It further said that work pressure has increased to an extent where Indian employees are not able to be away from work for long.Their preference has shifted to long weekends of 3-4 days taken three or more times during the year than one consolidated long leave.

“Vacations play an important role in relaxing and re-energising the employees while enhancing their motivation and productivity,” Expedia India Marketing Head Manmeet Ahluwalia said.The survey said 12 per cent of respondents take two days into a vacation to completely switch off work.

Besides, another 12 per cent of people surveyed said that they couldn’t forget work throughout the vacation while 4 per cent respondent said that they start celebrating a vacation half way into it. “In India, while the bosses have softened their stance on leaves from last year.

The median numbers of leaves given have dropped significantly from 25 in 2011 to 20 this year.

“Indians still rank second globally in the number of people logging in during vacation with 47 per cent checking regularly and 39 per cent checking sometimes.

red bridge october 2012

red bridge october 2012 (Photo credit: the|G|™)These trends indicate the increasing levels of stress and further highlight the importance of a good break,” Ahluwalia added.

The study is an annual analysis of vacation habits across 22 countries and was conducted online by Harris Interactive among 8,687 employed adults in September and October 2012 on behalf of in North America, Europe, Asia, South America and Australia.



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